Engineering and Design

Engineering_and_Design.jpgOur marine engineers and naval architects support every ongoing Navy surface ship program at Naval Sea Systems Command. We support both new ship design and construction, as well as modifications to in-service ships. Under our SEA 05P prime engineering contract, we provide damage control and firefighting systems design and engineering. For SEA 05D we perform vulnerability and survivability assessments to support our design efforts. We provide combat systems ship integration and in service engineering support for PEO IWS.  We are the Lead Systems Engineer for the Maritime Theater Missile Defense Forum, ensuring interoperability among the nine member nations.

Examples of customers we support:

  • Littoral Combat Ship Program (PMS 501)
  • Aegis Destroyer Program (PMS 400D)
  • Strategic and Theater Sealift Program (PMS 385)
  • LHA 6 Program (PMS 377X)
  • LHD 8 Program (PMS 377R)
  • LCAC and LCU Program (PMS 377J)
  • Support Ships, Boats and Craft Program (PMS 325)
  • LPD 17 Program (PMS 317)
  • CVN 78 Program (PMS 312)

  • Submarine Safety and Quality Assurance Program (NAVSEA 07Q)

  • Naval Surface Warfare Centers Carderock, Dahlgren and Port Hueneme

Technical Documentation


Technical-Documentation.jpgOur engineers and logisticians prepare and assess technical documentation in support of new ship acquisition and upgrade programs.  We develop ship acquisition packages, including the Request for Proposal (RFP) language and clauses; specifications and drawings; Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRL); and other key technical and programmatic contract documentation. For the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake, we develop and maintain a broad range of design, installation, maintenance, training and technical documentation for the Precision Attack Weapons Systems Technical Project Office (PAWS TPO).



Examples of Technical Documentation that we produce or review include:

  • Contract and detail design drawings
  • Technical manuals and system operating procedures
  • Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD) and Allowance Parts Lists (APLs)
  • Maintenance procedures, including testing and tool requirements

Comprehensive Test & Evaluation

Test-Eval.jpgICI Services is a recognized expert in Test and Evaluation planning and execution for the US Navy and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). We are deeply involved with the test programs for every ongoing surface combatant, aircraft carrier, amphibious warfare ship and auxiliary ship program at NAVSEA. We support platform, system and equipment shock testing. Additionally, we plan, coordinate and execute Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) events.

Our T&E efforts span every test program element:

  • Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) development
  • Test program planning and budget participation
  • Test Plan preparation and execution
  • Test event participant coordination
  • Test problem analysis and resolution
  • Test program database maintenance and lessons learned applications 



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