Acquisition & Life Cycle Logistics

Acquisition-Life-Cycle-Logistics.jpgICI Services logistics efforts start during the initial acquisition of platforms, systems and equipments, and extend through deployment, operations and eventual disposal.  We develop Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs) and participate in Integrated Logistics Management Team Meetings (ILSMTs). We interface with the operational community to perform in-depth logistics analyses and prepare a broad range of logistics documentation.


Some of our ILS products and services include:

  • Configuration Management
  • Supply Support Analyses
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT)
  • Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A)
  • Installation and Check Out Spares (INCO)
  • Support and Test Equipment Lists
  • System Safety Plans
  • Operations and Maintenance Procedures

Logistics Operations
Warehousing  & Asset Management

Logistics.jpgICI Services has extensive experience providing logistics services for the US Army and Department of Homeland Security. Our personnel maintain property asset management and logistics certifications and many of our efforts are in highly secure facilities.  Our performance is metrics based and we observe the highest standards of quality.

At US Army TACOM, we operate a 50,000 square foot warehouse and perform all shipping and receiving functions.  This includes managing inventories, maintaining stringent record control, packaging materials for shipment, disposing of excess assets and making deliveries with a fleet of ICI-owned vehicles.  As part of this effort, ICI runs a Hazardous Material Management Control Center (HAZMART) ordering, distribution, re-use and disposal facility.

For DHS Customs and Border Protection, ICI provides operations support for a campus of 12 secure warehouses and facilities.  Our efforts include shipping, receiving, inventory control, receipt inspection and warehouse layout. In support of the Transportation Security Administration, we provide asset and property management services for security equipment. For the Coast Guard Auxiliary National Supply Center in Granite City, Illinois, we perform warehousing and material management.


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